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Webinar: How are Land Rights Advocacy Groups Facing COVID-19 Impacts in Asia?

WHEN: 14 MAY 2020, 2 PM (GMT +7)

This webinar is aimed at raising awareness on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the poor, marginalised and landless communities in Asia. Participants will have a better understanding of some of the best practices that land rights advocacy groups, such as ILC Asia members, are doing in the region to mitigate such impacts as we try to overcome the crisis.


  1. The linkage between land rights advocacy and COVID19: how are organizations and individuals dealing with daily activities?
  2. Current practices on the ground
  3. Data tools available to deal with the impacts of COVID19: a people driven data source


  • Michael Taylor, Director, ILC: "Understanding the global views on the linkage between the COVID-19 and ILC’s response as a land rights actor”
  • Dewi Kartika, General Secretary, Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA): “Best practices of land rights groups addressing COVID-19 in Indonesia: KPA experience”
  • Jonatan Lassa, PhD., Charles Darwin University Australia: “Food security in Asia: How COVID-19 has challenged the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) food stockpile policy”
  • Irendra Radjawali, PhD., ILC Asia Data Specialist: "Using people-driven data platform from to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic”


Mainly ILC Asia members, but open to everyone.