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Annual Reports

ILC Asia members are consistently making an impact on the ground by empowering communities to pursue people-centered land governance that's reflected in changes in policy and practice. Our annual reports highlight the lessons learned, challenges and ways forward in strengthening our role as a key actor in the land movement.

Annual Report

In 2018 ILC Asia members made great strides in successfully organising the triennial Global Land Forum in Bandung, Indonesia. Despite the many challenges faced by our members in pushing for people-centered land governance, ILC Asia welcomed nine new members, making our coalition a strong movement of 54 civil society organisations.

The work of our country-focus initiative or what we call the National Engagement Strategy (NES) has continued to strengthen its operation by expanding its network. In India, Indonesia and Nepal the concept of 'multi-stakeholder platform' has begun to gain ground as more members are keen on collaborating with intergovernmental organisations.

ILC Asia members are positive that the constant transformation and development of our platforms will lead to better achievement of people-centered land governance in Asia in the coming years.

ILC Asia 2018 Annual Report

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